lactation training for birth doulas and midwives

This class is for doulas and midwives who already understand the basics of supporting mothers and babies, and are looking to deepen their understanding of the dynamics of breastfeeding.

Topics include understanding newborn reflexes and their role in breastfeeding, postural support, reading infant body language during breastfeeding, teaching hand expression to mothers, helping babies unhappy during or after breastfeeding and helping manage milk production.


Offered semi-annually, please contact us for more dates and times

lactation training for postpartum doulas

This class is intended for post-partum doulas.

Topics include building a robust milk supply, AAP recommendations and guidelines for breastfeeding, getting mother and baby comfortably latched, normal breastfeeding rhythms, assessing how breastfeeding is going, helping partners help mothers, knowing when to refer to a Lactation Consultant, the doula’s role and how she can help.


Offered semi-annually, please contact us for more dates and times