mollyMolly Brannigan, MA, IBCLC, ICCE


Molly has been working with new mothers, babies and expectant parents since 2004. She provides non-judgmental problem-solving support to help mothers achieve successful, easy and satisfying relationships with their babies.
Her areas of specialty are resolving maternal pain (in the breast, nipple, shoulders and/or back), slow-gaining babies, mothers with low/slow milk supply, late pre-term babies, mothers with over-supply and teaching reluctant babies to drink from a bottle.

The more time she spends with mothers and babies, the more Molly is struck by the capabilities of newborns,the depth of mothers intuitive knowledge of their babies, and the intensity of the relationships that babies and mothers create together.

Molly’s academic background is in infant and child nutrition. She has been teaching prenatal healthy pregnancy, childbirth preparation, baby care and breastfeeding classes privately and at San Francisco and East Bay hospitals. She has three (formerly) breastfed children.


janakiJanaki Costello, IBCLC, ICCE, CD


Since 1995 Janaki Costello, has worked with new mothers in the field of birth and breastfeeding as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Childbirth Educator/Doula. She is pleased to focus on in-office consultations as part of East Bay Lactation Services after many years of home visits in private practice.

Her areas of expertise include: multiples, breast surgery, adoptive breastfeeding and relactation, ankyloglossia, slow weight gain, painful breastfeeding and latch refusal, as well as all aspects of normal breastfeeding management.

Skilled at helping all members of the family, Janaki assists partners, grandparents, siblings integrate the new baby and resolve breastfeeding problems in the context of the family unit. She enjoys teaching and helping new parents not only to achieve their breastfeeding goals, but to enjoy the postpartum period as they transition from being a couple to parenthood within a larger family.

She is the mother of three adult (breastfed) children and two breastfed grandchildren.